More Information on the Course and Certification for Instructors

Due to a high volume of activity we have cancelled Listening Fitenss Instructors' Courses until further notice.

The Listening Centre has designed the Listening Fitness Course/Certification to enable professionals to offer Listening Fitness with the LiFT within the boundaries of their professional practice.

LiFT stands for Listening Fitness Trainer, an electronic audio-equipment used for sound stimulation and voice training. The LiFT is unique and differs from other types of auditory stimulation devices in that it is portable, rechargeable, it has a microprocessor, a gate system, adjustable filters, balance and microphone settings. The LiFT is only made available for purchase to specialists who have at least 5 years of professional experience in their field, who receive a Listening Fitness Instructor’s Course and work under supervision to obtain their Certification. These Instructors agree to use the LiFT and to apply the Listening Fitness programs within the boundaries of their field of expertise (special education, music therapy or voice teaching for example) and with the population with whom they are trained to work (children with developmental delays, with learning disabilities, singers, or the elderly, for example).

Several types of Listening Fitness programs are available.

Programs for Language and Learning Difficulties  are designed for children and adults who can benefit from better learning, language, communication and motor skills. These programs also improve auditory processing, attention span, balance and coordination, reading, speech and social skills. It is ideal for children and adults with learning and attention difficulties, developmental delays, poor coordination and motor skills, hesitant speech, poor reading, spelling and vocabulary.


Listening Fitness Instructors whose specialty is special education, occupational therapy or speech therapy usually provide these programs.

Programs for  Well Being,   Performing Arts,    Second Language Acquisition and  Skill Enhancement are designed for adults who feel "down", tired, irritable, overwhelmed or unable to adapt to new situations; for singers, actors or musicians who wish to improve their voice quality, voice projection, articulation and "musical ear; for students wishing to learn or brush up on another language. The Listening Fitness program provides energy, relaxation and flow. It is a skill enhancement tool for adults who want to continue to grow, explore or learn a new skill like art, dance or sport. It jump-starts the creative process making learning easier.

Listening Fitness Instructors who provide these types of programs come from specialties such as: Counseling and Psychotherapy, Music or Art Therapy, Naturopathy or Homeopathy, Voice, Music or Drama Teaching or Second Language Teaching. While Listening Fitness programs can apply to children on the autistic spectrum, this application is only open to practitioners who are highly experienced in the field of Autism. In this case the course of professional training will require extended supervision (see section on Listening Fitness Instructor’s Course below).

While all programs have some elements in common, each program is adapted to individual needs. Proper assessment tools insure this individualized approach. Listening Fitness has its own set of assessment tools which include a Personal History Questionnaire, Listening Fitness Questionnaire and Context Checklist. These questionnaires are designed to evaluate suitability of the candidate for the Listening Fitness program and guide the Instructors in preparing Sound Programs. Instructors are strongly encouraged to use the assessment tools of their field of specialty to complement the Listening Fitness assessment.

The program length depends on several factors including, how developed listening skills are at the outset of the program, the individual's age and lifestyle, and the program goals. However, as a rule, the minimum length of a Listening Fitness program is fifty hours while the average program is sixty hours. A program should take eight to ten weeks at a rate of one hour a day, six days a week or alternatively, two hours a day with a few weeks interruption mid-way through.

Listening Fitness includes two phases: the Receptive and Expressive phases. Improved receptive listening ability prepares the ground for a richer voice but it is only through the exercise and ongoing use of this richer voice, that improved listening will be maintained. In summary, long term Listening Fitness necessitates work on the ear-voice connection that is done through different exercises using the microphone.

And, as with any fitness program, the Listening Fitness program is followed by exercises to help maintain improvements. The Instructor is responsible for making the trainee aware of the need for follow-up exercises, right from the beginning. In addition to exercises, follow-up also includes check-up appointments or telephone consultations as well as a more formal means of tracking change such as Follow-up Questionnaires. The follow-up part of the program lasts about one year.

The Certification to become a Listening Fitness Instructor starts with the Listening Fitness Instructor's Course, which is given intensively (three and a half days - 27 hours) and consists of a study of the educational and technical manuals to be used for the administration of Listening Fitness programs as well as an ear-voice workshop. Paul Madaule's 35 years in the field of listening training and the teaching staff headed by Morana Petrofski, bring a solid applied understanding of Listening Training which makes the Listening Fitness Instructors Course an invaluable learning experience.

Professionals attending the Course learn to use the tools to assess listening fitness, to create listening profiles, to develop sound programs, to operate the LiFT and to include it in their practice. A "take-home test" must be completed in the month following the course and feedback is given individually to each Instructor.

After completion of the course and purchase of equipment, The LiFT Network office provides ongoing support through supervision, because a 27-hour course is not sufficient to fully absorb the full content of the course. In the 18 months following the course, the Instructor receives supervision and support from a Supervision Consultant, for the review of the Instructor’s first seven trainees’ programs. Typically, supervision consists of about 20 phone/Skype/e-mail consultations or 10-15 hours of coaching. Upon the successful completion, a Listening Fitness instructor is granted full Certification.

Instructors who qualify to use the LiFT with children on the autistic spectrum will continue extended supervision and the number of additional cases required will be determined on an individual basis.

In order to ensure a high level of professionalism, certain qualification criteria have to be met. The candidate for the Listening Fitness Training and Certification must:

While Listening Fitness with the LiFT shares some similarities with the Tomatis Method and with the work done at The Listening Centre, it differs substantially in assessment procedures, audio-equipment and focus and should not be regarded as the equivalent of either. Professionals are certified as Listening Fitness Instructors after completion of the course and work under supervision.

If you wish to enroll for a Listening Fitness Instructor' Course, fill out the Registration form and send it to us with your resume.



Course Fees: $2,700.00, tax included.

The course Includes:

Travel and accommodation are not included. Consult recommended List of Accommodations

Please do not send your payment with your application. We will be in touch with you after review.

The LiFT Kit equipment is purchased separately (see price list).

For questions regarding the Listening Fitness Instructor’ s Course and Certification please contact The Listening Centre at or at (416) 588-4136.

Due to a high volume of activity we have cancelled Listening Fitenss Instructors' Courses until further notice.

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