LiFT® Accessories and Extra Supplies


1. Extended Warranty on the LiFT®:

Extended warranties are available from Listening Technologies Inc. at the time of the purchase. It is an additional one-year warranty at a cost of CDN$200 per LiFT®. The conditions for the extended warranty are the same as those of the basic warranty. Extended warranty also entitles the buyer to a 20% discount for the full year on any future equipment purchases (cannot be used with any other discounts).

2. Receptive headset (without microphone):

This headset is used by the instructor to monitor the client’s program. It can also be used during the receptive phase of the program.

3. Headset with microphone:

This headset is used by the Instructor to implement the Listening Fitness program; it can be used for the whole program or exclusively during the active phase.

4. Headset with microphone and bone conduction:

This headset is used in conjunction with the Bone Conduction LiFT® with a bone vibrator located in the right ear cushion, which allows the Instructor to implement a program with air conduction as well as bone conduction sound.

5. Audio player:

An audio player fully loaded with all the music used for a Listening Fitness program with the LiFT®. It comes with one year warranty from the manufacturer, a big and bright screen, an average of 30 hours of
use after every full charge, light weight and user friendly.

6. Smart Sounds® Music uploads in WAV format

Specially recorded high frequency music features a mix of Mozart's symphonies, concertos for violin, serenades and divertimento

7. Belt-bag:

Carries the equipment attached to your body and enables you to walk, move around and play while doing the program.

8. LiFT ®Instruction Manual (English or Spanish):

A booklet illustrated with pictures that explains step by step how to use the LiFT® kit and some of the exercises of the expressive phase of the Listening Fitness program.

9. LiFT ®Brochure (English or Spanish):

This is a clear and concise explanation of what Listening Fitness is and its multiple applications, which is available to Listening Fitness Instructors. It includes a blank space on the brochure where the Instructor can put his/her name, address and other specifics of his/her practice (to be ordered in bulk).

10. Promotional DVD:

This DVD is an excellent tool for the Instructors to promote Listening Fitness with their services. It can be used in the waiting room for clients watch or to accompany short introductory presentations.

Also available:

1. When Listening Comes Alive:

A book by Paul Madaule who is the founder of Listening Fitness and the LiFT® explaining the basics of listening and listening training and applications to people of all ages, including detailed instructions of the Earobic exercises.

2. Earobics #1: The Ear and Voice Connection (includes 2 CDs) (available also for MP3 Player uploads)

Disc 1 features breathing and listening posture and Instructions for expressive listening exercises. Disc 2 features guided audio vocal exercises for the production of bone-conducted humming and vowel sounds.

3. Earobics #2: Exercising Listening with Music (includes 1 CD) (available also for MP3 Player uploads)

Features receptive listening exercises:
Climbing the Mountain of Sounds with Mozart: A series of three 10-minute filtered and de-filtered music exercises. An illustration of the filtering process which is part of the Listening Fitness programs. An Invigorating Shower of Sounds with Paganini: The Caprices are an excellent sound illustration of the "gating" effect of the LiFT®

4. Tricky Sounds (includes 10 CD’s) available (available also for MP3 Player uploads)

It is a set of word and sentence repetition exercises which focus on the sounds that English learners have the most difficulty discriminating auditory and in turn, pronouncing. The Tricky Sounds series is also helpful for children and adults with speech difficulties.

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