Audio Materials



Smart Sounds® Music:


Specially enriched music which features a mix of Mozart's symphonies, concertos for violin, serenades and divertimenti. Two hours of music in total, recorded in real time.

Smart Sounds


Earobics Series #1 & #2:


Earobics Series #1: The Ear and Voice Connection (two CD’s)

CD1 features breathing and listening posture and instructions for expressive listening exercises.

CD 2 features guided audio-vocal exercises for the production of bone-conducted humming and vowel sounds.


Earobics Series #2: Exercise Listening with Music (one CD)

Features receptive listening exercises:

‘Climbing the Mountain of Sounds with Mozart’: A series of three 10-minute filtered and de-filtered music exercises. A good illustration of auditory perspectives.

‘An Invigorating Shower of Sounds with Paganini’: The Caprices are an excellent sound illustration of the ‘gating’ effect of the LiFT.






Tricky Sounds Series:


Tricky Sounds is a set of 6 CD series/12 half-hour programs of word and sentence repetition exercises which focus on the sounds that English learners have the most difficulty discriminating auditorily and, in turn, pronouncing. The Tricky Sounds Series is also helpful for children and adults with speech difficulties. CDs can be used in any order depending on the purpose for which they are used.


Tricky Sounds


Disc 1

Disc 5

Program 1 (Meat – Neat)

Program 9   (Pear-Bear)

Program 2 (Slipper – Zipper)


Disc 2


Program 3 (Best- Vest)

Program 10

Program 4 (Three - Free)

(Short and Long Vowels &

Disc 3


Program 5 (Draw-Great-Crash)

Disc 6

Program 6 (Shoes – Choose)

Program 11

Disc 4

(Similar Sounding Words I)

Program 7 (Yet-Jet)

Program 12

Program 8 (Sing-Thing)

(Similar Sounding Words II)


*The PDF transcript of all exercises is included on each disc


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