Equipment Specifications


The LiFT:


Microprocessor: an advanced single, programmable microcomputer chip (which works with associated analog and digital chips)


Gate System: it operates on air conduction and exercises listening while reinforcing the stimulating effect of the sound. It is an automatic switch which transmits the sound information from one audio channel to another. The Gate system operates in real time to maintain the effectiveness of the stimulation and to prevent habituation.


High Pass Adjustable Filters: a system of :3 high pass filters plus a non-filtered input for music to be non-filtered or filtered at 2kHx, 4kHz, and 8kHz.

Balance Settings: can be adjusted to reduce the sound in the left earphone when establishing right ear dominance is desired.

Microphone Setting: can be turned on/ off and its sensitivity adjusted.

Re-Chargeable Batteries: built-in battery pack; LiFT comes with recharger

: protective, durable plastic enclosure box; fits into a bag or fanny pack to enable mobility while listening

: Height: 3cm, Width: 9cm, Length:15.5cm, Weight: 226g

Easy to Use: the built-in safety features, gate system, and portability make the LiFT user friendly in a variety of settings and simple to set up for individually tailored Listening Fitness programs, perfect for use in the classroom, office, practice, or at home.



LiFT comes with a headset with attached microphone for comfortable listening and audio-vocal feedback


Sony Walkman Audio Player:


Easy to operate, plays music continuously for up to 30 hours when fully charged, big bright screen. The MP3 player is loaded with the complete Smart Sound series, a two-hours recording of specially enriched music which features a mix of Mozart’s symphonies, concertos for violin, serenades and divertimienti, recorded in WAV format.

Listening Trainer Carry-all Bags:


Durable, black carry-all bag with 3 pouches and shoulder strap. Fits LIFT, headset and tapes. Length: 25cm, Height: 17cm, Width: 14 cm

Instruction Manual:


Illustrated user friendly text.




The LiFT kit includes a PR and marketing consultation services



The LIFT is guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase.



LiFT Accessories:


Extended Warranty:


Extended warranties are available for Listening Technologies Inc. at the time of purchase. It is an additional one-year warranty at a cost of CDN$200.00 per LiFT. The conditions for the extended warranty are the same as those of the basic warranty. Extended warranty also entitles the buyer to 20% discount for the full year on any future equipment purchases (cannot be used with any other discounts).




Carries the equipment attached to your body and enables you to walk, move around and play while doing the program.


Receptive headset:


This headset is used by the Instructor to monitor the client's program. It can also be used during the receptive phase of the program.

Promotional DVD:


This DVD is an excellent tool for the Instructors to promote Listening Fitness within their services. It can be used in the waiting room for clients to watch while waiting or to accompany short introductory presentations.


Earobics Series #1 & #2: Tapes or CDs:


Earobics Series #1: The Ear and Voice Connection (includes 2 Tapes/CDs)
Disc 1 features breathing and listening posture and Instructions for expressive listening exercises.
Disc 2 features guided audio vocal exercises for the production of bone-conducted humming and vowel sounds.
Earobics Series #2: Exercise Listening with Music
(includes 1 Tape/CD)
features receptive listening exercises:
Climbing the Mountain of Sounds with Mozart: A series of three 10-minute filtered and de-filtered music exercises. A good illustration of auditory perspectives.
An Invigorating Shower of Sounds with Paganini: The Caprices are an excellent sound illustration of the "gating" effect.

When Listening Comes Alive by Paul Madaule (1994, 2nd ed.)


For detailed price list see Equipment Price List  and For Full list of Accessories