Wynand du Plessis passed away on Sunday June 17. Those of you who were at the LIFT Reunion in Montreal on June 2004 will remember the low key, considerate and gentle human being he was. 


Wynand and I go back a long time, 1974 to be exact, when we were both lecturers in the department of psychology at the University of Potchefstroom, South Africa. Not only were we both co-workers involved in Dr Tomatis listening training method, but we became room mates. After I left, Wynand continued the listening work in the same university where he became a professor and was still in that position the day he died. Thanks to him, generations of students were initiated to the Tomatis approach and a number of them wrote their MA or PhD dissertation on this subject under Wynand supervision. 


Every time we had an opportunity to meet, either in Paris, in the South of France or in Canada, we managed to spend a few days together and ponder on our work, our lives, and to rebuild the world. Wynand is one of the few people I can call a friend. Those who know him will miss him a lot, but all of us will always benefit from his contribution through his research papers, his writing and  and teaching. 


Paul Madaule 







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